Concrete And Masonry Services in Los Angeles

Trying to find a stonemason in Los Angeles? You can trust BBK Construction to handle any traditional concrete and stonework you require.

You can rely on us for all concrete and stone work needs. We have extensive experience with all natural stones, stone walls, and pillars. Please do not hesitate to call our friendly team for advice or further assistance.

What Do We Do in Concrete and Masonry Services In Los Angeles?

Retaining Walls

Wear and tear have worn down your old retaining wall. You may require BBK Construction to rebuild and repair your retaining wall.


When exposed to the elements, decorative stone pillars or plinths may crack, break, stain, or turn green. As a result, our finishers will make them look like new again by repairing any damages and brightening up the entire area. Whatever the damage is, our finishers can fix it.

All types of concrete work and foundations:

BBK Construction LLC, provides a host of services to ensure that your steps are of the highest quality.


We use lime mortar to point all types of structures at BBK Construction, and we highly recommend it as it offers more advantages than a cement-based mortar. We conduct a thorough assessment of the shade and strength of mortar before selecting a beautiful finish with our clients.


BBK Concrete Construction Masonry Service in Los Angeles

BBK Construction LLC is a professional concrete construction located in Los Angeles. We excavate, build forms, pour, and finish concrete. We have over 16 years of experience in the concrete construction industry, we offer unapparelled concreting services and deliver projects efficiently and safely. 

Our dedication and open honest communications with all our clients combined with our quality work is what makes us stand out from the competition. Our crews are experienced and can tackle all types of concrete work in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

If you need high quality concrete construction Near me in Los Angeles, we would love to provide the expertise, design and installation for your next project.

Our Recent Projects

Types of Los Angeles Concrete Driveway Finishes

There are many different styles of concrete driveways in Los Angeles that you may be able to choose from to suit your needs, design idea and budget. The finishes can range from different concrete driveway colors, textures, patterns and different types of concrete driveway finish that can be applied. The following are some options of concrete finishes.

Plain Concrete Driveway

This is the most standard option, itis purely a plain concrete driveway with no additives that you can install for your home or any construction project that may require concrete. A plain concrete driveway is the most economical and low maintenance solution that is commonly used commercial projects or residential modern style homes.


Colored Concrete Driveway

The colored concrete option is a great stylish solution for your home or building project. The most common colors are different shades of grey and charcoal although there are various driveway colors to choose from depending on the need for the project and design.


Stamped Concrete Driveway

The most elegant is the stamped concrete driveway is a great way to add a stylish natural look to your concrete driveway, patios, pool surrounds or concrete pathways. We have a wide variety of stamped concrete designs for you to choose from based on the look you want and your design needs.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

Exposed aggregate concrete is great for the non-slip and decorative aspect. It is a very popular decorative concrete solution and is most common for concrete driveways for display homes and pool surrounds due to its appeal and natural clean look and feel. We have many options of different exposed aggregate concrete hat you can choose from based on your design needs.

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Zara Connolly
Zara Connolly
This was our first major remodeling project that involved the entire house, so I was hesitant going in. Once I spoke with Brandon about what I wanted to do I immediately felt comfortable with proceeding. They have been so professional from the beginning to the end. The quality of work is above our expectations. We will work with them again if needed in the future.
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas
Our custom home just got completed by BBK Construction. The crews they have are work so hard. It’s been a great refreshing experience compared to the past contractors we used. I would definitely use BBK in the future!
Dave Wall
Dave Wall
BBK has the best team of skilled workers. They did a complete update to the electrical and installed all new flooring and repaired the walls and stucco. They are super fast and finished everything on schedule. We are so happy we found them.
Lance Cody
Lance Cody
Very accommodating and professional staff. When they showed up the first day to our commercial project on time with a solid crew and all the equipment, we knew we made the right decision to choose them They finished our salon build on schedule and even followed up to make sure we were happy with the work and the work was flawless we could not be happier. I would recommend them to anyone that needs commercial construction done on time and on budget. We look forward to using them for our next salon build.
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez
BBK Construction is top notch! In my opinion they are the only ones to go with as soon as we met Brandon and he took the time to go through the details of the process with us we knew they are the ones for us, and we were corrected they are so trustworthy, and all the crews Brandon has are so professional. Every worker that they had was very hard working, well spoken, honest and wanted each part of the construction process to be perfect. When they finished, they even had a cleaning crew go through and make the house spotless. We look forward to working with Brandon and his amazing crew again.


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