BBK Construction LLC understands that unlike residential construction, commercial projects can become much more involved. Our team understands the ADA codes to storage needs, the details involved in even the most minute design change can have a ripple effect when working through a commercial renovation, remodel, or restoration.

We have improved the attributes of our exterior coatings, resulting in an enhanced visual appearance and a longer lifespan, more availability, and better insulation.

Our company knows that your building asset purchasing decisions significantly impact how efficient and effective it is. To meet the needs of the public sector, we are developing new and innovative solutions for designing commercial exteriors across Los Angeles that meet the needs of public sector clients.

With over many years of experience in enhancing communities and supporting business growth, BBK Construction is one of Los Angeles’ leading construction contractors.

Why Choose Us?

With our authentic and passionate team, we can provide industry-leading solutions that meet clients’ challenges and a forward-thinking culture that allows us to be leaders in commercial exterior construction.

We can anticipate and manage our clients’ challenges better by understanding the commercial exterior construction issues that matter most.


What Do We Do For Commercial Exteriors Construction In Los Angeles? 

For our commercial clients, we are experts in providing high-quality construction solutions that deliver results efficiently and effectively. As part of our commercial exterior construction in Los Angeles, we breathe new life into commercial spaces. 

The exterior appearance of your commercial space should match the interior to make it appear more inviting to the customer. Building a clean, professional appearance for your business is one of our specialties at BBK Construction LLC. Our exterior construction services go far beyond painting and awnings.

We provide high-quality commercial construction services that are tailored to fit your needs.


Our estimating and tendering services are tailored to meet the requirements of commercial exterior construction. We know how to calculate the cost of building a physical structure so that a project is aligned with scope requirements and a budget. 

Surveying Quantitatively

We provide complete Quantity Surveying services. This includes pre-contractual negotiations, interim valuations, determining price and variations, and agreeing and submitting final accounts.


Our consultancy provides cost-planning advice to architects, developers, and private clients, based on current rates and trends in commercial building exterior wall materials in Los Angeles.

As part of our service, we can help set realistic expectations and ensure that budgets do not exceed limits. By creating an outline budget, we can break down each cost in detail to adjust the budget as the project progresses.

Coordinating projects

Constructing a facility involves many steps, including designing, building, procuring, and constructing. Due to our high levels of expertise, professionalism, and local knowledge in commercial exterior construction services, we can handle your project from start to finish, ensuring your external construction requirements are met throughout the entire project.

Our Portfolio

Having worked on some of Los Angeles’ most notable commercial buildings and longstanding relationships with clientele, we are proud of the portfolio we have built.


Our Recent Projects

Whether your design calls for a modest retail outlet to a glamorous office building. BBK Construction LLC has an expert team that will build value into your project. When you choose BBK Construction you will be assured that all aspects of your commercial construction or commercial remodeling project will be handled with the care and diligence you deserve.

Renovations – Face lifts and exterior improvements

ADA Compliance – Work with property owner to make common areas, ramps  bathrooms accessible.

Code Compliance – Work with owner and city to remove violations.

AIA Compliance – Work with owners, contractors and subcontractors to file proper paper work.

Bathrooms– Remodeling needs as per clients specifications, new and remodeled

Repair – Stucco, paint, architectural foam and carpentry

Our Main Services

Professional Custom Design

Skilled Project Management

Experienced Friendly staff

Our happy customers



Zara Connolly
Zara Connolly
This was our first major remodeling project that involved the entire house, so I was hesitant going in. Once I spoke with Brandon about what I wanted to do I immediately felt comfortable with proceeding. They have been so professional from the beginning to the end. The quality of work is above our expectations. We will work with them again if needed in the future.
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas
Our custom home just got completed by BBK Construction. The crews they have are work so hard. It’s been a great refreshing experience compared to the past contractors we used. I would definitely use BBK in the future!
Dave Wall
Dave Wall
BBK has the best team of skilled workers. They did a complete update to the electrical and installed all new flooring and repaired the walls and stucco. They are super fast and finished everything on schedule. We are so happy we found them.
Lance Cody
Lance Cody
Very accommodating and professional staff. When they showed up the first day to our commercial project on time with a solid crew and all the equipment, we knew we made the right decision to choose them They finished our salon build on schedule and even followed up to make sure we were happy with the work and the work was flawless we could not be happier. I would recommend them to anyone that needs commercial construction done on time and on budget. We look forward to using them for our next salon build.
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez
BBK Construction is top notch! In my opinion they are the only ones to go with as soon as we met Brandon and he took the time to go through the details of the process with us we knew they are the ones for us, and we were corrected they are so trustworthy, and all the crews Brandon has are so professional. Every worker that they had was very hard working, well spoken, honest and wanted each part of the construction process to be perfect. When they finished, they even had a cleaning crew go through and make the house spotless. We look forward to working with Brandon and his amazing crew again.


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