BBK Construction LLC, Offers Complete Mold and Water Damage Repair Solutions Los Angeles

When BBK Construction LLC arrives at your property, we will assess the damage. We will also control and limit any further damages.

We will provide your insurer with a cost estimate of the restoration work required.

We will also be able to give you an estimate of the time required, ensuring that you can make alternative arrangements for your family and/or your employees.

When Water Damage Occurs, BBK Construction recommend the following steps in most cases:

If there is any present danger or life-threatening injury call 911 immediately and wait for further instructions on how to proceed.

To start the repair process, call BBK Construction LLC at 800-550-4417 We can usually be at your property within 2 to 3 hours any hour of the day or night in Los Angeles.

If appropriate, initiate your Emergency Management Plan.

Call your insurance company. Every insurer has a preferred response process. Ask first, so that you don’t get caught out later.

Ask your insurer what your responsibilities include and begin the process of determining if your loss is covered and to what extent it is covered.

If water has entered through your roof or wicked up the walls, it is important that you turn off all power to the property.

Do not handle wet electrical equipment.

Photograph the damaged area.

If you can, stack furniture, possessions, stock or business records on benches and tables with dry electrical goods in the highest places.

Wipe excess water from wood furniture.

Lift up floor length drapes and place them through plastic hangers hung from the curtain rods.

Remove small rugs, boxes, books or other items that might stain the carpet.

Locate your important papers, valuables and mementos and move them to a dry, safe place.

Move valuable paintings and art objects to dry in a safe place.

Don’t throw away removed or damaged materials until instructed by your insurance company.

Keep an activity log, including a record of all correspondence with your insurance company.

Keep a copy of all receipts of any items purchased to replace contents that have been damage as a result of this event.

Be extremely careful of wet and slippery floors especially when traveling from wet areas onto linoleum, tile, or wood floors. 

BBK Construction Water Damage and mold Repair Process In Los Angeles

Damage assessment

When BBK Construction LLC arrives at your property, we will assess the damage. We will also control and limit any further damages.

We will provide your insurer with a cost estimate of the restoration work required.

We will also be able to give you an estimate of the time required, ensuring that you can make alternative arrangements for your family and/or your employees.

Water and Mold Remediation

After we inspect the property next, we restrict and mitigate any ongoing damage, we need to remove all excess water by extraction.

Damaged items will be removed and items at risk of being damaged will be relocated to a non-affected area of the structure. In certain circumstances, a pack out of non-damaged items is required to mitigate the loss. A complete inventory will be taken, and items will be transported to our climate-controlled warehouse.

The Restoration Process

After the removal of all the moisture, water, and mold we will start with the construction and repair.

BBK monitors and removes all excess moisture from your property using specialized drying equipment.

We then start with the repair process to bring the structure to like new condition.

We Are Providing Services In Los Angeles

Fire and Flood Restoration

Fire and Flood Damage

Water and Mold Restoration

A water damage emergency can be stressful, whether caused by a burst pipe, a pipe break, or a leak. 

When you are experiencing a water leak arising from a burst pipe or if your home is flooded, BBK Construction LLC can provide same-day services for water damage restoration in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

As a Leading Water Restoration Company in Los Angeles, we will ensure that all repairs are made to the highest standards and keep you informed throughout repairing your property damage. 


BBK Construction LLC has years of experience ensuring that fire-damaged buildings are appropriately dried to reduce damage to the building and prevent mold growth. 

The professionals at our water damage restoration company will evaluate the water damage to your residential property. In order to recommend the best course of action for restoring your home, we’ll help you understand the extent of the damage.


Our water damage restoration technique, identify moisture distributions and vulnerable materials and suggest the appropriate drying regime for the property during the assessment. As a water removal company in Los Angeles, we use cutting-edge machinery and top-notch people to detect and remove standing water. We also estimate how long it will take to dry out the property.


Why Choose Us for Water Damage?


Highly Trained Restoration Experts

At BBK construction, we specialize in residential water damage restoration. We are trained and certified to restore salvageable items, accelerate drying time, and document the entire process of restoring water-damaged properties.


Customer Care

Over the past 50 years, we have served the cleanup and restoration industry. We can help you make the right decisions. Water damage to your home can be disruptive and stressful, so we provide same-day assistance and 24/7 customer support.


A Trusted Cleaning and Restoration Company

With years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a leading Restoration company in Los Angeles We are skilled in fire and water damage restoration, specialty cleaning, mold removal, etc. We are proud of having a high rate of referrals from customers.



Water damage can be extensive, and it can be expensive to repair. For as long as the damage lasts, the more it will cost to fix. Our team works fast to fix water damage quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs.


Streamlined Insurance Claims

 BBBK construction will assist you with the necessary paperwork for a smoother, faster insurance claims process.


What do we do?

  • Damage assessment and inspection
  • Extraction of water from flooded basements
  • Service to board up, mitigate damage, and tarp the roof if necessary
  • Water removal
  • Dehumidification and drying
  • Sterilizing and cleaning
  • Personal property restoration (packing, cleaning, storing, cleaning clothes)
  • Structural repairs after water damage


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How We Remediate Mold and Water Damage




If there is water damage or excessive humidity, the mold may start to grow within 48 hours. Immediately following a mold inspection, we suggest a drying program to prevent further mold growth since mold needs moist conditions to grow. Dry equipment minimizes moisture and prevents mold growth.


Filtering of MOLD particles with HEPA


As part of mold remediation in Los Angeles, BBK Construction uses HEPA filters and specialized equipment along with negative air pressure. Filtration removes particles that can cause cross-contamination, so they do not contaminate other parts of the building.

We offer comprehensive mold and water damage repair training to all of our technicians. Our service ensures your property has been thoroughly decontaminated and can be occupied again by all its occupants. Contact us for free advice or to schedule a visit from a technician.


Our Mold and Water Damage Repair in LA Offer Several Benefits. 

  • An easy-to-use service       
  • Renters can be kept happy by having vital work completed promptly by landlords
  • Regular maintenance prevents the property from falling into disrepair
  • No stress about getting the molded house
  • The robust water pipes system


Our Main Services

Professional Custom Design

Skilled Project Management

Experienced Friendly staff

Our happy customers



Zara Connolly
Zara Connolly
This was our first major remodeling project that involved the entire house, so I was hesitant going in. Once I spoke with Brandon about what I wanted to do I immediately felt comfortable with proceeding. They have been so professional from the beginning to the end. The quality of work is above our expectations. We will work with them again if needed in the future.
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas
Our custom home just got completed by BBK Construction. The crews they have are work so hard. It’s been a great refreshing experience compared to the past contractors we used. I would definitely use BBK in the future!
Dave Wall
Dave Wall
BBK has the best team of skilled workers. They did a complete update to the electrical and installed all new flooring and repaired the walls and stucco. They are super fast and finished everything on schedule. We are so happy we found them.
Lance Cody
Lance Cody
Very accommodating and professional staff. When they showed up the first day to our commercial project on time with a solid crew and all the equipment, we knew we made the right decision to choose them They finished our salon build on schedule and even followed up to make sure we were happy with the work and the work was flawless we could not be happier. I would recommend them to anyone that needs commercial construction done on time and on budget. We look forward to using them for our next salon build.
Carlos Nunez
Carlos Nunez
BBK Construction is top notch! In my opinion they are the only ones to go with as soon as we met Brandon and he took the time to go through the details of the process with us we knew they are the ones for us, and we were corrected they are so trustworthy, and all the crews Brandon has are so professional. Every worker that they had was very hard working, well spoken, honest and wanted each part of the construction process to be perfect. When they finished, they even had a cleaning crew go through and make the house spotless. We look forward to working with Brandon and his amazing crew again.


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