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BBK Construction LLC, Stucco & Stonework in Los Angeles

Stucco And Stone Work In Los Angeles

BBK Construction LLC Specializes in all types of stucco finishes. We even specialize in decorative moldings with stucco finish. Stone and stucco work has been used for decorating houses and other buildings for hundreds of years. The look and function of stone and stucco work have evolved over the past few centuries.

For over 20 years, BBK Construction Stucco and stonework crews have proudly served Los Angeles with stone restoration services.

We take pride in offering a hassle-free service where customer needs are always put first, along with excellent workmanship and operating to modern standards. In order to provide quality and affordable stucco and stonework specialists in Los Angeles, we are confident that we are able to meet all your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

BBK Construction’s highly skilled craftspeople repair and conserve complex historic buildings in Los Angeles. In addition to building strong relationships, we play an important role as a trusted supply chain partner to every organization involved with your project.

Both private and commercial clients can benefit from our comprehensive stucco and stone services all around Los Angeles. You’ll feel confident to make better decisions about your project thanks to our comprehensive surveys, practical consultancy, and full cost maintenance plans. Afterward, we offer expertise in special renders and plasters, repairing and replacing historic bricks and terracotta, restoring roofs and joinery, conserving, and creating stone masonry, and sensitively cleaning historic materials.

It is the specialty of BBK Construction LLC to restore and fabricate stone surfaces in Los Angeles, including natural stone, reconstituted stone, brickwork, wood, terracotta, and numerous other unusual surfaces.

When stone and masonry structures need restoration, traditional stone-masonry techniques may be applied by BBK Construction, or specialty materials may be employed for surface consolidation, repair, re-profiling, re-pointing, and surface preservation. Remember to allow the structure to breathe to maximize moisture release.

These techniques are typically used in combination today in most situations. BBK Construction LLC can restore any residential, commercial, or industrial structure to its original state using its skills and experience.

What Do We Do?

Since we are highly skilled and experienced in stone restoration, we offer our clients in Los Angeles the following stone restoration services.

Los Angeles Exterior And Interior Stucco

Externally and internally, stucco is used to enhance the aesthetics of walls and other building surfaces. Generally, cement plaster is used for stucco. BBK Construction offers economical and durable stucco sidings to replace natural stones. As a result of our wide selection of styles and designs, we are ahead of many of our competitors in stone and masonry services in Los Angeles. Our exterior stucco solutions combine quality with style to give your house a stunning look.

Other Stucco And Stone Work Services In Los Angeles

Restoration of stone and stucco in the following areas are our specialties:

  • Putting up stonework
  • In situ application of stucco moldings
  • Customizing original profiles with templates
  • Installation of timbers and restoration to original details
  • Renders with flat surfaces and rusticated surfaces
  • Brick replacement and repair
  • Pointing of any stone or brick
  • Firework
  • Building a stone wall
  • Inspecting bricks
  • All types of stone and brick masonry can be removed and rebuilt

Benefits Of Stucco And Stone Work In Los Angeles

  • Stucco gives elegant look to your home
  • Stonewall will make your house traditional
  • The rough and broken brick walls of your house can be made new with stucco
  • You can make your dream house with our luxury designs
  • Stucco and Stone Work near you in Los Angeles

Our Recent Projects

BBK Construction is owned by Civil Engineer Brandon Kamel, who not only has 15 years in the construction industry for both residential and commercial projects, he also has an extensive civil engineering background. Having a civil engineer overlooking your projects combined with with the sizeable crews BBK Construction employees, experienced in house foremen on every site, and highly skilled crews that BBK construction employees we can guarantee a team of people who continue to produce the best work, 

come up with the best ideas and solutions even when they aren’t the most popular or the easiest. It’s more than just material selections and finishes; true quality is about ensuring that no corners are cut, nothing is overlooked and all options are considered so that the homes and structures we build today will stand the test of time.

Stucco & Stonework Service In Los Angeles

Why BBK Construction is your best choice?

BBK Construction handles both residential and commercial construction.  We have experts in both types on staff. We minimize the number of subcontractors on a project to avoid confusion, but the ones we do hire are always the best.  Our management experience allows us to find the best combination of teams as well as keep everyone on the same page, minimize construction times on all projects.  You’ll have your building or home done faster and of better quality than any of our competitors could hope to offer.  They will last longer and be of better quality.

Our Main Services

Professional Custom Design

Skilled Project Management

Experienced Friendly staff

Our happy customers



Carol and family Los Angeles, CA

We cannot express our gratitude to BBK Construction. They guided us through each step of our home remodel and finished the project on schedule and within our budget.

Millie and Eric Designation

Every aspect of the project was handled with the greatest professionalism and expertise. They have so many suppliers they work with that the total cost of materials was almost half of the other estimates I received.

Alex M. Brentwood, CA

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with BBK Construction. The entire project went very smoothly and they even processed all the permits for us.

Jason M. Manhattan Beach, CA

Working with BBK Construction was a pleasure from start to finish. Very neat and clean crews.

Melissa R Los Angeles, CA

We are extremely happy with our commercial warehouse. They even corrected all the drainage problems on the outside of the building.


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